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We install Pet Safe dog doors, pet doors and cat doors. We recommend the double flap semi transparent doors because they can sort of see when another dog is coming in or that it is open and able to go through without bonking. Double flap because of snow and wind. There is a sliding door frame insert door that we can install for you as well. We don't cut glass or install in glass doors because you need a double flap pet safe dog door in Colorado. We also don't cut full wall brick.

We encourage you to get the best price on your door by ordering it from Amazon here.  

We don't cut glass or install in sliding glass doors because you need a double flap pet safe dog door in Colorado. We also don't cut full wall brick.
Pet Door, Dog Door & Cat Door Installation Services.
  • We can put a pet door, dog , cat door or even a piggy door.
  • Give your pet the freedom to roam and use the potty whenever is clever.
  • By installing a pet door your basically increasing a pets living space.
  • We can install pet doors with Petsafe track inserts in sliding glass doors and even cut them in other doors. We dont put them in glass.
Benefits of Pet Doors

Why you should consider a pet door for your pet.


  • Time is precious, you don’t want to miss that next part in the TV show your watching while your researching online how to be the best pet parent in the neighborhood. Your pet now has independence and can come and go whenever with a pet door.


  • Could you imagine holding it for eight hours? Can you hold it for eight hours? That is just mean. Meanie.


  • I like to think of my dog at our luxury pet home where she can go sun herself, or bird watch, or patrol her yard.


  • Your basically increasing your pets play space, how nice is that? Maybe you won’t need to walk so far with them. Cause it won't be like, "OMG I finally outside, where I was meant to be."


  • You could put the pet door to the garage and put a pen in there if you don’t want to leave a pet door to your house open all day. Don’t leave your pet outside all day. If they don't have access to water and shelter you can get in trouble for that.


  • A big pet door means a big pet. Burglars don’t mess with houses that have big pets.


  • If something bad happens in the house they can get out.

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