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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Boring Ceiling in Loveland, Colorado

Loveland, Colorado is a unique community nestled in the Rocky Mountains that offers attractions for mountaineers, foodies, artists, and view seekers alike. As such, the homes and design styles in the sweetheart city’s neighborhoods range from lodge luxury to Tuscan Villa to countryside charm. Driving through the city you will get a touch of its suburban character, but with just a little more exploration you’ll find a distinct small-town charm and a thriving arts community.

Are you living in Loveland and wish to add some spice to your room? With 1-833-MYFIXIT, get rid of that boring white ceiling!

1. Wallpaper

While no one wants wallpaper borders and the tried combination of floral patterns of the past to reappear just yet, fresh new designs are on the market in Loveland, Colorado that work for both residential and commercial spaces in Loveland. Where actual wood may not be an option, check out a faux wood look courtesy of printed wallpaper. Printed wallpaper patterns can range from geometric and simple to angular and bold, as well as monochromic floral patterns and tone-on-tone designs that pack an understated elegant punch. Wallpaper on ceilings span from sophisticated traditional patterns to funky and fun fruit in neon colors, so don’t hold back when choosing something to cover up the fifth wall.

2. Wooden Panelling

When we think of wood paneling in a Loveland, Colorado house, we mostly think of the dark and dated 70s homes that consisted of that and only that. But the times have changed. People are now starting to use wood paneling on their ceilings as a way to add some rustic charm to their space in an understated and subtle manner.

3. Beams

Adding ceiling beams is an architectural element that is used to add dimension and character to any room. Exposed wooden beams are currently the trendy option being followed in Loveland, Colorado, and can be commonly seen in rooms with high ceilings like kitchens, master bedrooms, and living rooms. Although many want the look, they tend to shy away from it as they are neither cost nor labor efficient. Fortunately, there is a better option; Faux Wood beams, a lightweight synthetic alternative that comes in a variety of looks and finishes, just as good as the real deal.

4. Crown Molding

Looking for something a little more subtle in your Loveland house? Crown molding is an upgrade that can add an undeniable touch of elegance and character to any room. The architecture and style of your home and the decor within it can determine what kind of crown molding would look best. If your home has a more traditional look, heavy and ornate moldings can be a great option. Look for simple moldings with clean lines for your amazing house.

5. Skylights

Skylights are the ideal way to bring the outdoors inside. Adding one to your Loveland, Colorado home is not only a stylish move but also a practical and environmental one. Adding skylights to your home is an effective way to save on energy costs when compared to a house without any skylights. This is because of the natural light and ventilation that the skylight offers the home with. If you want to add a skylight to your home, consult with about the best placement.

6. Paint

Painting your ceiling with a light color can make the room seem much bigger than it really is. If you are looking to create a more intimate and comfortable vibe in your house in Loveland, Colorado, look to paint the ceiling a darker color than the walls. Wanting to create a memorable space? Paint your ceiling with a completely different color from the walls and it will be clear how important the ceiling can really be.

7. High Gloss

One of the recent trends for the ceiling in Loveland, Colorado is an ultra-glossy, reflective finish that shines. A glossy surface tricks the eye so that the room feels larger, especially with lighter colors and furniture in place. However, the surface needs to be polished smooth so that no bumps show if using paint. If a smooth surface isn’t possible, a stretch ceiling might be the perfect option. Stretch ceilings cover up the existing ceiling and are available in hundreds of colors and several finishes, including high gloss. The smooth and shiny fifth wall can also add a glamorous feel to the space. High gloss paint can also be applied to materials like wood for a neat combination of a planking look and glam style.

If you stay in Loveland, Colorado, and wish to have any of these implemented in your house, connect with us today. We at 1-833-MYFIXIT have provided all sorts of services from flipping homes to making houses ready to sell or even rent. We have changed doors in high rises in downtown Denver and repaired rotten decks that overlook mountain vistas and lakes.

More recently we have been turning all sorts of spaces into home offices as people are now working from home. We have turned basements into offices, large mudrooms into workout rooms, laundry rooms into offices, and even living rooms into gyms. We can do wonders in your home, so make sure to try out our services!


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