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Refinishing a Deck on a Lake!

We are refinishing an amazing deck on a lake. While so serene a lake deck requires much maintenance and upkeep to avoid rot and peeling. Luckily our master deck carpenter can make it safe again and our painter stains or paints to match.

Decks see some of the worst weather Colorado can throw at them. From snow pack or extreme sun to rain and fire in the sky, Colorado decks need more maintenance. Wr fix loose handrails, nails that pop up, boards can come loose and peeling. So much peeling! Most people don't realize that if you want to stain or paint a deck your taking on an ongoing maintenance projects with a 2 to 4 year timetable.

You can feather sand light peeling and color match touch ups so you have a great looking deck all the time. Other wise you need a complete deck redo ever couple of years. We are the handyman near me or handyman near you that can handle your deck repair, deck maintenance, deck inspections, and new deck builds or deck construction.

If you need help with your deck now is the time to do it. Visit our website at #fixit 1-833-MYFIXIT www.1833MYFIXIT.COM #decks #coloradodecks#fixitnow #deck #stain #paint #loveland #handyman #workingoutside #summer

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