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Update your style.

Add more space.

Finish your basement.

We flip & rehab too.


We work with all sorts of customers on many types of rehabs, remodels, add-ons and builds. We get residential places and spaces ready. We have also made many unused areas usable. We take basements and turn them into usable spaces, like offices. Fill out our form and let us know what you have in mind. We can help you work through whats possible and get a final plan together. We specialize in home improvement projects, rehabs and remodels. Its funny how some fresh vinyl tile and a fresh coat of paint can make big headway toward the home remodel you have been wanting. We can help design and build your home upgrade ideas. Sometimes new crown molding and tile backsplashes is all it takes to make a space feel new. One of the easiest and most dramatic home upgrade ideas that can be done very cost effectively is to install new window treatments.  Frequently if you follow some easy to install, step by step instructions, many can d.i.y. window treatments, blinds, shades and more on their own. But if your not good with tools or ladders you should contact us and we can handle it. Open shelving, new cabinet doors, new cabinets, new light fixtures or even new cabinet pulls and handles can make a big difference and add curb appeal. Home improvement ideas don't need to be done all at once either. We have built custom living room storage spaces, changed out all the light switches and plugs in a whole house or even swapped out kitchen cabinets to freshen up a space. We are a licensed residential construction and reconstruction remodeling company. We are a general contractor as well. We have a number of handymen for smaller projects and several tried and trusted crews and tradesmen for larger projects. We can also manage your projects and get them done.


We can also help you move into your dream home by renovating a home you just bought.

Contact us on the form and we can get your ideas together and get you an estimate of time and materials to complete your projects.

These ideas can add up to a whole new space.

You don't have to remodel all at once. You can just make improvements on a regular basis.


1. Upgrade a Ceiling.

  Ceiling upgrade ideas can include putting hardwood patterns on the ceiling or even tiles that mimic old time ceiling tiles.



2. Add wainscotting, a picture rail on the wainscotting or even just a chair rail.

  This idea might require power tools or a handyman contractor. Wainscotting can make a room look elegant or provincial depending on the color its painted or the type of wood you choose to show off. You can get really decorative or even specifically for durability and wipe ability as in a mud mud room. You can even do diamond plate or tin in the garage or around a bar area.








3. Redo your closets.

Most people don't have enough closet space as it is. There is most likely a bunch of wasted space in your closet that could be reconfigured to fit everything. Plus it just feels fancy when your closet has shiny hardware, its own color scheme and looks like a pro designed it.









4. Update your fireplace front and surround.

  This project can be more difficult than most. But when completed a new fireplace surround or even a mantle can be the show piece of a home if designed correctly.



5. A new backsplash.

  Backsplashes or just new tile in general can update a space. Some like to go with classic style so it never gets old and others like to choose a backsplash that really pops.











6. Add a moveable island to your kitchen.

  Moveable kitchen islands or even regular cabinet based islands can be show pieces that express your funky modern style. Make sure your measure, twice.











7. Shelving or even custom built in shelving.

  Shelving can be a very cost effective way of creating a show piece in a home or room. Especially if you choose to feature something special on the shelves.











8. Upgrading storage and shelving your laundry room.

  Laundry areas can look unruly as it is. If you set up shelving and storage it can work wonders towards creating an efficient space that achieves maximum utilization.










9. Improve or upgrade your home office.

  Do you need a new home office space that has a door that can lock? Many people are renovating their basements into home offices so they feel like they can get away from work by separating work and life. Others just want to get as far away from the fridge as possible!











10. Upgrade all the hardware in your house.

  Upgrading all that plain or even mismatched hardware in your house can make it feel like a new home. Sometimes people can have chrome faucets, rust colored towel hangers and gold hinges or door knobs in the same room. Go through the whole house and make it all match or all new.

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Well Organized Closet
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