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Handyman, Rehab, Remodel, ADU's, Additions.


Gerard, founder of 1-833-MYFIXIT, was born in Colorado Springs and grew up working with his father and grandfather. As soon as he could turn a wrench he was put to work with dad and grandpa.


Gerard is always continuing his education and using the latest techniques and best practices for residential and commercial building repair construction, and remodeling. We are a licensed general contractor.


Gerard believes that craftsmanship, customer service and satisfaction is the key to a successful business.  That's why 1-833MYFIXIT Remodeling Services makes their customers the #1 priority every day, every job, no matter the size of the project.


Our bottom line:

  • We take pride in our work and our attention to detail.

  • We provide our clients with quality work for all areas of service.

  • We offer fantastic full remodels and adu's, (Accessory Dwelling Units).

We hope to do the best job possible, use the best materials and treat customers like family.

We are insured.

So you can rest knowing that our people are safe, skilled and insured.

We try to call everyone back if we cant answer.

You may have to leave a message, but its worth it. You may receive a faster reply with our online form.

We charge market rates. (We are a lump sum contractor)

Our pricing is calculated based on the job. Some of our handyman techs trucks get 10 miles to the gallon. How else will we get 8 foot doors, stacks of windows or even 16 foot materials to your home? We don't break down and itemize materials in our invoices because in most states you then need to charge sales tax. We cant afford to do that or our services would cost more.


We utilize a reputable online software to double check the appropriate rates for each service we provide based on your zip code.

About The Owner

Gerard was raised working with his single father and grandfather as a kid. After school, weekends and summers were spent cleaning trucks, fetching tools and eventually fixing things. All this began in Elementary school! 

This was the work van that Gerard and his Grandfather spent a great deal of time together in.

Grandpas Truck
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