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How to Renovate Your Home Office within Budget in Boulder

Redesigning your home office can be a tough task and it depends on a lot of things. Whether it is your personal space or workspace, there are some important things to be kept in mind.

We at 1-833-myfixit have laid down some tips for you to follow.

1. Note down your ideas

Imagine how you want your space to look. Now write those ideas down. Sometimes your ideas may come to you at certain times and leave your mind the next minute. Noting down things may help with future planning too.

2. Plan your finances

You can get carried away while planning your dream office space, but plan your budget well. Sort your ideas and pick the one that is most important to you and is within your budget. You can look up ideas online to get some inspiration. Focus on your needs in the starting itself.

3. Clean up space and your mind

If you clean up your space, your mind is automatically cleared. Get rid of all the trash. There might be items you have not used in forever, so it is time for you to throw them out. Donate your unwanted items to charity if it is in good condition or just sell it if you need to make an few extra bucks.

4. Pick the right furniture

You must make sure to spend on many things, but furniture should not be one of them. Furniture adds to the entire look of the house and should not be compromised. Invest in the right kind of furniture and that will go a long way. Home centers, discount stores, lighting showrooms, furniture outlets, and home decorating centers offer amazing assortments of items at deeply discounted prices. You might be amazed to find a lovely table at a great price next to factory seconds.

5. Keep your desk organized

A clean clutter-free desk ensures efficiency. The key to setting up an effective home office is to add plenty of storage space. Cabinets and wall shelves are a must-have for books or binders that you need to keep handy. You must also invest in drawer dividers, mail organizers, containers, and folders to sort papers and supplies. Have a defined space to keep everything, and make sure to store personal papers, bills, and belongings separately from your office items. Keeping the essentials organized makes it easier to search for everything you need throughout the day.

6. Lights

Make sure to have enough lighting in your space, throughout the day and night. You can switch to more efficient bulbs too and cut down the glare on your eyes. Good lighting can decrease headaches and eye fatigue. The natural right has been shown to trigger the release of endorphins. A combination of lamps, overhead lighting, and natural light creates an environment where you can adjust the amount and kind of light you’re exposed to throughout the day. If you really love natural light, consider a sunroom office as a home addition.

7. Pick a neutral soothing shade for the walls

Studies say that the color schemes' effect on productivity ranges from 1 to 2/3. With the right wall color ideas, you can establish your working space in such a way that you can get your work done quicker and more competently. Vibrant, stimulating colors help to create a festive atmosphere in the office. Going in for a pastel shade or a neutral shade will reduce the load on your eyes and brain while you are working.

8. Go Green

Search for small computers, phone chargers, and electrical outlets that save energy. Do not forget to turn off lights and unplug chargers when you’re not using them and recycle paper. You will benefit the environment while cutting costs.

These are some pro tips you should keep in mind while revamping your home office space in Boulder or you can make your life easier and just contact us at

We provide all sorts of renovation services to make houses ready to sell or even rent in the Boulder Area. We do everything the way you ask. Get a quote today!


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