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How to Update a Fireplace on a Budget in Longmont, Colorado

Longmont, Colorado is a beautiful city with urban amenities and a small town feel to match. It is quickly becoming a large city, surrounded by beautiful scenery, pristine lakes, and abundant wildlife. There are a lot of fun things for residents and visitors to do like thrilling summer and winter adventure sports, soaking up the local culture, exploring history, or just kicking back and admiring the gorgeous natural landscape.

Fireplaces are quite a popular choice for many Longmont homeowners, especially in smaller rooms with tight spaces. They provide enough heat to keep the room warm and toasty on a cold night or day. There is no better way to enjoy the winter days in Longmont than grilling up your favorite meals on the patio while cozying up to an outdoor fireplace or spending quality time with family and friends around the fire pit.

If you have a fireplace in Longmont, Colorado, make sure that it’s one of the finest around. Fireplaces are not just a necessity to beat the winter chill. In fact, with the right amount of jazzing up, they can be a focal point of your living area. So, if you want to have a functional fireplace that can also double up as a conversation starter, here are a few pointers. And guess what? The best part is that these tips are extremely easy on the pocket.

1. Go for Stone

If your old stone fireplace is no longer a soothing sight to the eyes, how about giving it a facelift with inexpensive stone?!

2. Spruce it up with Paint

A good paint job and some whitewashing can transform your staid fireplace. Let go of the old natural oak-colored paneling or the bold and bright colors and opt for lighter or cooler colors like white and grey.

You could paint an oak fireplace mantle white, using the following steps:

  1. Lightly sand with the grain of the wood to clean up any debris and help the primer stick.

  2. Pour some deglosser over the wood with the help of a paper towel or soft cloth.

  3. Without allowing the bonding primer to drip, make sure you cover all of the clean wood.

  4. Make sure each layer of primer has dried before going on to the next layer.

  5. Use caulk to fill gaps in your mantel if needed before priming.

  6. You could place your brush in a Ziploc bag when not using it, in order to avoid washing the brush.

3. Give a New Twist

Think about adding new design elements around your fireplace such as bookcases converted to built-ins.

4. Update with a Mantel

You can either include or update your existing fireplace mantel.

5. Accessorize

Give your fireplace a makeover with accessories that are keep with your aesthetics. They could be anything ranging from an embellished fire screen to fresh-cut flowers from the garden. The best part about these accessories is that they are budget-friendly and since they are not permanent in nature, you can shake things up depending on the room decor or seasons.

6. You could keep the original stone and add a new wood mantel.

7. Another idea is to leave the existing fireplace brick and hearth but cover the brick partially with updated trim work and a new mantel.

8. Reframing over the top of the old existing fireplace can add a new, snazzy look to a dull fireplace.

9. Another makeover idea is to reface with concrete and wood. Floating concrete over the existing fireplace and taking the fireplace to the ceiling by adding a different texture above the mantel can give a more transitional look to the fireplace.

10. Adding a thick white mantel can do wonders when it comes to transforming your old fireplace.

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